Trainer: Dmitri Volov


Dmitri Volov is a consultant-trainer and the founder of DVSP Consulting since 2005. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu in 1996 with a degree in banking and marketing. Dmitri has worked in various banks, mainly in the corporate banking. In addition to the financial sector, he has also worked in various industrial companies as a sales and marketing director and business manager. Dmitri holds various international trainer certificates – DiSC Consultant Certificate (issued by Inscape Publishing), Persona Consultant Certificate (issued by Persona Global). These certificates allow the use of international development tools (behavioral profiles, competency analyzes and organizational research) in both training and consulting activities. Since 2012, Dmitri Volov and Invicta have also started cooperating with the English training group Hemsley Fraser, one of the 20 best training companies in the world.

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